Series One: Greek Myths

Our first season of plays will explore some of our favourite stories from Greek mythology. 

Greek myths come from an oral tradition, and originally the stories would have been spoken aloud, not read. The stories would have been different each time, with storytellers using their own flare and imagination to add detail to the tales. It was only in writing them down that they became fixed, and the stories as we know them now are just the versions that were transcribed. 

Our audio dramas will return these age-old tales to their traditional oral medium, but this time the storyteller will be the main character as narrator - our Oedipus will tell his own tragic tale, our Pandora will give her personal account of the infamous box-opening, and our Ariadne will tell you her side of the Minotaur story.

These are first-person perspectives of tales you might know well, or think you know well, but perhaps not as you know them.